Jumat, 15 Mei 2009


Turn away,
If you could get me a drink of water
Cause my lips are chapped and faded
Call my Aunt Marie.
Help me gather all my things,
And bury me in all my favorite colors.
My sisters and my brothers still.
I will not kiss you.
Cause the hardest part of this is leaving you.

Now turn away.
Cause I'm awful just to see.
Cause all my hairs abandoned all my body
All my agony.
Know that I will never marry.
Baby, I'm just soggy from the chemo,
But counting down the days to go.

It just ain't living.
I just hope you know.
That if you say goodbye today.
I'd ask you to be true.

Cause the hardest part of this is leaving you.
Cause the hardest part of this is leaving you.

I'm Disenchanted

Well I was there on the day they sold the cars for the queen
And when the lights all went out, we watched our lives on the screen
I hate the ending myself, but it started with an alright scene

It was the roar of the crowd that gave me heartache to sing
It was alive when they smiled and said, "you won't feel a thing"
And as we ran from the cops we laughed so hard it would st

If i'm so wrong how can you listen all night long?
And will it matter after i'm gone? because you never learned a god damned thing

You're just a sad song with nothing to say about a life long wait for a hospital stay
Well if you think that i'm wrong, this never meant nothing to you

I spent my high school career spit on and shoved to agree
So I could watch all my heroes sell a car on tv
We've got the obvious scene, we'll show 'em what we all mean

So, go, go, just go, run away.
Now where did you run to? and where did you hide?
Go find another way...

At all, at all...

Minggu, 05 April 2009

Thank You

What does “Thank you” really mean?

It means thank you for taking the time to show that you care.

It means “you really made my day”.

It means you make me feel so nice,and I wish I could do the same for you.

It means you have done something special that I will never forget.



Susah bgd mw msuk smansa..Di mulai dari raport yg gg blh di legalisir gara” atda nile 6 di salah satu 5 pljrn,yaitu mat,ipa,,bhs.indo n ips slma 5 smstr...Tp untungna bkn q ja yg nglami ksulitn ni, di scullq SMP 2 tercinta, jg hmpr separuh lbh yg ikt pcink dgn kjdan ni...Mrka cmwa trmsk q smpe pasrah qlo g iza msuk smansa,mlh smpe nangis sgla,yia wjr aja c...

Hari demi hari berlalu dgn kegelisahan dan ketdkpastiaan apakah bza msuk smansa atw ga...Akhrna,pihak smansa mengubah pesyaratnna yaitu gag bole atda rata”nya yg 6...huft,,q bza bernfs lega n bza dftr smansa..

Tapi blunt berahr di cni perjlnan msuk smansa... Q hrz ngikutin test msuk smansa selama 3 hari...Hari pertama,test tertulis 4 pelajaran yg terdiri dari peljrn mat,ipa,bi n ips...Hari Kedua test bhs ing ya meliputi Lc,reading, n speaking (di wawancarai pke lhoo)..Dan hari terakhr psikotest..SuSah yah???

Q jg blunt tnang cz mcih hrs deg-degan nunggu hsil akhr dr test itu.. .Pada akhrna pada saat hari pgumuman smsnsa tiba q cneng n bersyukur bgd cz ternyata q keterima msuk smansa...Dan clece dech suka dan duka perjlnan msuk smansa...Tapi walau gto q jg hrs ttp semangat n giat bljr bwt UN n UAS...

Jumat, 13 Februari 2009

Tipz SukseZ Ujian

Posting :
Tipz sukseZ uJian (un)
BerhuB ntar agy q mw ujian,jd aqkuh kci tipz bwt xan” yg ntar lg jg mw ujian...”kalian hRz puna niat utk bljr n jnand mlez..kurangi Hal” atw kgiatn yg ndag pnting yg iza g3 konsentrzi xan bwt bjlr..gnain wkt luang sebae mgkn..n xan hrz pcya dri n optimis..asalkn ada niat n gag ptuz aza cmwa yg qta ingkn dpt dicapai..Be proud of your seLf, alwayZ.Hehe.^^